“Lamu’s charming Swahili architecture – tightly-packed townhouses made of coral blocks – with balconies, courtyards and roof terraces designed to catch the cooling breezes”


In recent years numerous overseas visitors have fallen in love with Lamu and its wonderful Swahili architecture, and many have bought and built or rebuilt and restored properties on the island. This in turn has led to a revival and renaissance in traditional crafts and building techniques – such as wood carving, furniture making and plasterwork carving – skills and trades that would otherwise have been in danger of being lost forever.

The local economy has also benefited greatly from this renaissance. It is vital that future building and development should continue to respect Lamu’s architectural and cultural heritage, and that it should continue to benefit the local community. We have been involved in designing, building and restoring several properties in Lamu and here we present details of a selection of our projects.

Forodhani House, Shela Village

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A brand new 5-bedroom house with swimming pool, designed and built in modern Swahili style, and set in a commanding position on Shela seafront.

Andavelo House, Lamu Town

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The comprehensive rebuilding, restoration and recreation of a huge 300 year-old Swahili mansion in historic and patrician Lamu style.

Nyota House, Lamu Town

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A brand new architect-designed house with plunge pool built in modern Swahili style and situated in Lamu’s historic Utukuni neighbourhood.

Maridhiya House, Lamu Town

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Maridhiya – a classical Swahili word expressing tolerance, co-operation and compromise – all essential qualities when building in Lamu.

Zuhura House, Lamu Town

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The renovation and extension of an early 19th Century house – named after the Venus star so often visible in Lamu’s beautiful night sky.