Our friends/Useful links

Lamu Tourism Association

A wealth of information about the Lamu archipelago and its attractions

Lamu County Government

All kinds of information about the Lamu region – including details of Lamu’s many festivals

National Museums of Kenya

Information on Lamu’s museums, historic sites and monuments form the National Museums of Kenya

Lamu Yoga Festival

Lamu’s annual yoga celebration attracts hundreds of visitors from Kenya and beyond

Lamu Painters’ Festival

A biennial celebration of painting and a collaboration between European and Kenyan artists

Aman Lamu

Visit the Aman boutique in Shela village for wonderfully chic clothes and accessories


The Lamu Marine Conservation Trust protects Lamu’s sea turtles and is involved in other local conservation efforts

Ali Lamu

Ali Lamu’s charming quirky bags and artwork are all made with love in Lamu