Terms & Conditions / Further Information

Bookings are made and accepted only on the following conditions:

Kisiwa Amu Investments Ltd, trading as eastafricanretreats.com and lamuislandproperty.com, hereinafter called “the Agency”, act only as Agents for the owners of the accommodation (“the Owner”) and the Contract of Letting is between the guest (“the Guest”) and the Owner.

The Agency accepts no responsibility for personal injury to or illness of the Guest and/or his/her invitees (jointly known as “the Holidaymakers”), or loss of or consequential loss or damage to their property, or for other matters over which the Agency has no control.

Any agreement is made on the basis that the property (“the Property”) is to be occupied by the holidaymakers for a holiday, and the Holidaymakers acknowledge that the tenancy granted by this agreement is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise when it ends.

The guest and holidaymakers agree that the property shall not be used for any illegal or commercial purpose, including subletting .

Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under 18 years of age. Group bookings of single sex parties are not allowed unless special arrangements are made by the Agency with the Owner. (Safety deposits may be required).

Parties or meals or events catering to outside guests and with numbers of holidaymakers in excess of those declared at the time of booking are not permitted except by prior and special arrangement.  Permission for such events will be at the discretion of the Owner and should be requested at time of booking.  The Owner reserves the right to make an extra charge for such agreed events.

Any pets you intend to take with you should be declared at the time of booking and checked and authorised via the owner (where requested).

A deposit of 1/2 of the cost of the holiday (“Deposit”) must accompany the booking. No bookings are valid until confirmed by the Agency in writing.

Once a booking is confirmed by the Agency, the Guest is responsible for the full balance of the cost of the holiday. This shall be paid no later than 30 days before the booking is due to commence.

Some properties may require a different schedule of deposit payments and this information will be communicated to the Guest at the time of booking.

The Agency reserves the right to re-let any holiday where any monies due are more than 14 days in arrears whereupon any monies paid by the Guest including the Deposit will be refunded. However, if the Agency is unable to re-let the holiday the Guest will remain liable for the outstanding balance of the cost of the holiday.

In the event of the accommodation becoming unavailable due to circumstances beyond the Agent or Owner’s control (such as fire or flooding), the Agency will endeavour to provide the Guest with suitable alternative accommodation or will refund all monies paid or a proportion in the case of curtailment. We cannot, however pay any compensation or expenses as a consequence of such an event.

Arrival and Departure – The Guest and his/her party agree to adhere to any specific arrival and departure times or conditions specified by the Agent or Owner and which will be communicated to the Guest at the time of booking.

If the Guest needs or wants to cancel a booking he/she must inform the Agency immediately, the Balance payment must (if not already paid) be paid by the due date already specified on the booking confirmation whilst a cancellation is administered.

Cancellation fees payable by the Guest as a percentage of total accommodation cost are 50% up to 30 days before arrival and 100% after 30 days before arrival.

Guests wishing to take pets on holiday to properties where pets are permitted, and the intention to take a pet/pets on holiday having been declared by the guest at the time of booking and authorised by the owner/agent, must abide by the following rules (failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave without compensation).

Dogs must be under strict control at all times while in the property

Any fouling etc. must be cleared up without delay.

The dog Owner must bring the dog’s bed or basket for sleeping in.

Dogs must not be left alone and unattended in the property or elsewhere at any time.

The Holidaymakers shall keep the Property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in or on the Property in the same state of repair as at the commencement of the holiday, and shall leave the Property in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found.

The Holidaymaker must report and pay to the Owner the cost of any damage or breakages made during their holiday occupancy. The Agency and the Owners reserve the right to make a charge where guests have contravened an Owner’s request for their property to be smoke free.

The Holidaymakers right to occupy the Property may be forfeited without compensation if:-

Payment in full is not received by the agent before the commencement of the holiday.

More people or pets than declared at the time of booking or before the commencement of the holiday to the agency and/or the number the Property holds, take up occupation or attempt to take up occupation.

Parties, events or meals catering to outside guests or to more than the number of holidaymakers declared at the time of booking take place without the Owner’s express permission.

Overnight guests are entertained without the Owner’s express permission.

Any activity is undertaken which is illegal, or may cause unreasonable damage, noise, behaviour or disturbance.

Smoking in a designated “no smoking” property or ‘no smoking’ areas of a property.

In the event of the Guest believing that there is cause for complaint concerning a Property, any complaint must be taken up immediately by the Guest with the Owner/Management/Staff who must be afforded the opportunity to address the issue raised, and only thereafter reported to the Agency if required.

It is important that this is done whilst a Guest is still at the Property so that an on-the-spot investigation can be made if necessary and remedial action taken if required.

In no circumstances will complaints be considered after the holiday has ended, when the Holidaymakers have denied the Owner/Management/Staff or the Agency the opportunity of investigating the complaint and endeavouring to remedy matters during the holiday.

Neither the Owner nor the Agency will be liable for any additional costs incurred or claimed by a Guest should he/she decide to vacate the property prior to the booked departure date.

The Owner or his representative shall be allowed access to the Property at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.

The Agency has compiled the information on our websites www.eastafricanretreats.com and www.lamuislandproperty.com (“the Websites”) as accurately as possible at the time of going to press, using information supplied to us by the Owners of the properties. However, facilities may be altered or withdrawn by the Owner for reasons outside the Agency’s knowledge or control, in which case we cannot accept responsibility.

We make every effort to ensure that the property details supplied to us by the Owners are accurately reproduced. Mistakes may occur from time to time, and if required, confirmation should be requested by the Guest and confirmed by the Agency prior to booking as to any particular facilities and/or amenities of the property. The Agency is not liable or responsible for any inaccuracies in the property details on the websites.

The Holidaymakers accept that minor differences between text/photograph/illustrations on the Websites and the actual property may arise. We cannot accept responsibility should the property not conform to the Holidaymaker’s standards or expectations. If a facility is particularly important to you, please check with us prior to your booking.

The Owner reserves the right to alter or withdraw without prior notice facilities and/or amenities which have been advertised, where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance or any other circumstances beyond their control.

By booking via eastafricanreatreats.com and lamuislandproperty.com, you consent to receive our email newsletters. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter you can do so at any time.

At some properties potentially hazardous activities or sports such as horse riding or wild animal viewing may take place. The agency accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or loss suffered by any Guest as a result of such activities, which holidaymakers shall undertake at their own risk.

The Agency and/or Owner reserve the right to require the Guest to sign a disclaimer or indemnity form indemnifying the agent and/or owner against any injury or loss suffered by the Guest during their stay at the property. It is a condition of booking that the Guest signs this form, and failure or refusal to do so may result in The Holidaymakers right to occupy the Property being forfeited immediately and without compensation.

The Agency and/or the Owner reserve the right to charge a security deposit in advance of their holiday. In such cases is a condition of booking that the Guest pays this security deposit and failure or refusal to do so may result in The Holidaymakers right to occupy the Property being forfeited immediately and without compensation.

Further information on security deposits can be supplied by the Agency / Owner at the time of booking.

There are links from this website to various other websites promoting various businesses, products and services. The Agency is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of information displaced on these other websites or for any issues relating to the products or services displayed thereon.

The Booking Conditions will apply to all confirmed bookings.

All electronic data transferred pursuant to these terms and conditions remains the property of eastafricanretreats.com and lamuislandproperty.com or their agents and may not be replicated in part or whole without eastafricanreats.com’s or lamuislandproperty.com‘s prior written permission. Electronic data will not be preserved indefinitely by eastafricanretreats.com or lamuislandproperty.com.


Malaria and other communicable diseases are present in parts of East Africa – it is recommended that guests take medical advice from their doctor before travelling and that they have appropriate medical insurance and other insurances in place to mitigate against risks of illness or injury.

It is recommended that guests take out medical evacuation insurance. AMREF Flying Doctors is the leading international air ambulance service provider in the region and provides medical evacuation insurance cover and other medical services.