• Manda & Kiwayu

“You’re guaranteed to have Manda Beach to yourself – except for the fishermen who arrive with baskets of just-caught sailfish, lobster and fat shrimp for your cook to choose from.” New York Times

On the beautiful and low-key desert islands of Manda and Kiwayu, life is even more relaxed and laid back than Lamu. Manda Island is Lamu’s nearest neighbour – its dense, bushy interior quite different to Lamu’s more open landscape. Manda is known for its wonderful bird life and attracts wildlife from the mainland too – its long sandy beach looks across the channel to Shela village and is a lovely place to swim and sunbathe. Kiwayu Island, 30 miles to the north of Lamu is a magical sliver of beach and sand dune – remote, unspoilt and virtually untouched by tourism and the outside world, it is a wonderful place to escape to and relax.

“Kiwayu is almost deserted, except for one small camp – the people, the ambiance and the beach are all perfect and understated.” Vogue