Building and Design Services

We can organise, manage and carry out every aspect of a building project - from the initial purchase of a property, through each stage of planning, construction and renovation, to furnishing, decorating and equipping a finished house – all to the highest standards.

In the preliminary and planning phases we can assist with the acquisition process, with building design, drawing up of plans, budgeting and finance, and obtaining planning and other permissions. We can liaise with lawyers, surveyors, Lamu conservation office, town planning department, lands office and utilities companies.

During construction and restoration we only employ the best and most practised fundis – masons and plasterers skilled in ancient and modern building techniques, and we have a core team of up to a dozen experienced fundis who have worked with us on our past projects. (The Kiswahili word fundi is derived from the Hindustani for an expert or craftsman) We also work with other skilled artisans - plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, thatchers and experts in creating and renovating traditional decorative plasterwork.

In recent years numerous overseas visitors have fallen in love with Lamu and its architecture, and many have bought and sympathetically rebuilt and restored properties on the island. This in turn has led to a revival and renaissance in traditional crafts and building techniques - such as wood carving, furniture making and plasterwork carving – skills and trades that would otherwise have been in danger of being lost forever.

The local economy has also benefited greatly from this renaissance. It is important that future building, development and tourism should continue to respect Lamu’s architectural and cultural heritage, and that it should continue to benefit the local community. We are committed to building with integrity and sensitivity, and to preserving and enhancing Lamu’s wonderfully distinctive urban environment.

We present comprehensive details of our first two Lamu projects – Zuhura House and Maridhiya House – both traditional Swahili houses in the heart of Lamu’s historic Stone Town. Each is an example of how a redundant and decaying building can be comprehensively rebuilt, restored and transformed into a beautiful, stylish and ‘livable’ house - while maintaining its architectural integrity and in keeping with its unique surroundings.

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