A magnificent 65-ft twin-masted ‘Sambuk’ sailing dhow, beautifully and professionally built and equipped, and perhaps unique on the East African coast

Swahili seafarers have a saying for when the sun is shining and it is raining at the same time – “Simba Ka Zaa” – which translates as “A lion has given birth” and is the name of this beautiful dhow. The Sambuk is an age-old class of dhow from the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, much used in previous centuries for trading and travelling along the East African coast and across the Indian Ocean.

Simba was purpose built to this traditional design and to an exacting specification by its European owner. It is very strongly constructed of 2 inch thick mahogany planks covering 6x5 inch shaped mangrove wood frames, and pinned with 6 inch dhow spikes. The 8x7 inch single-piece mahogany keel is bolted through the main frames.

As well as the very spacious main deck, which has a huge amount of space for sitting, lounging and relaxing, the below deck accommodation includes Main Cabin, Galley, Bar/Reception Cabin, Crew Cabin and two Bathroooms with showers.

Comprehensively equipped, Simba is the ideal vessel in which to explore Kenya’s beautiful coast in great comfort and style, or to set sail for more distant destinations. Ideal as a luxurious private dhow, it also has considerable potential for charters and cruises, and has a current day licence for 60 passengers.

Further Specifications -

Overall length - 72 feet

Length on deck - 64 feet

Beam - 18 feet

Draft - 4 feet

Weight - 60 tons

Engine - 130hp Perkins/Sabre 6 cylinder diesel

Price - Ksh 10 million


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